Why handmade soaps?  That has to be the second most question asked of me for quite a while now.  I didn’t set out to become a soapmaker; I stumbled in completely by accident!  I was introduced to soap making by a friend and fell in love with the magic of creating my own soap.  I started researching and learning everything I could about the  soap making method and was fascinated by the pioneer recipes.  I loved updating their recipes with modern twists, found inspiration in my own garden and local stores, and realized I had passed the point of no return when everything became a potential soap mold.  My company started out of this love for the craft of soapmaking and all of my soaps are handmade in small batches.  For more information about my soaping adventures, see my blog entries!

Happy Washing!

Dorothy of Texas Pioneer Creations

Facebook page @ Texas Pioneer Creations


Added on November 1, 2011:

I try my best to not plagiarise another person’s works and agree that I will not knowingly present any other person’s ideas or photos as my own.  Unless given in writing, I do not authorize anyone else to use my ideas or photos either.  If you would like to use my ideas, work, images, or anything else, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss it further.  The ideas I present, unless noted otherwise, are my own based on personal experience and/or research.  The images, outside of advertising and/or blog-provided, are owned by me.  I recognize that soapmaking is not new in this world and, as such, there is quite a bit that is universally known.  Just please do not cheat and use other people’s hard work as a substitute for your own.


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