Monthly Archives: December 2012

Soap Blog Update

It’s been a bit of an adventure incorporating the blog into our stand alone website, I must admit.  I’m crossing fingers and hoping my picture loading gremlins have left me in peace for a little while so I can finish adding all the photos to the shopping section & the last blog post over there.  Besides the pictures, everything else has been reported to work.  Hooray!

At this hot second, you can see the Pumpkin Soap cooking in the crock, its beautiful color, and laugh at the descriptions of the color morphing at I’ll be working again on loading those pictures of the cut soap today so you can see it.  This was a fun soap and I think we’ll definitely keep it on our fall/winter soaps.  The bubbles are great and it has such a smooth, creamy feel – think I’m in love!  There are still a few bars available on the website so don’t miss out.

We also debuted our holiday gag gift for those who are searching for the perfect present and want to help a good cause.  Our Little Stinkers soaps,, has proven to bring quite a few good laughs for everyone and we are donating $1.50 of every purchase of these “floaters” to a local food bank & job placement services facility.  Know someone who has been a bit of a stinker this year?  This is way better than coal and smells great too!  I won’t tell anymore hints about this gag gift, you’ll have to go read for yourself and leave me your thoughts on the blog.

Join us over on the new location of our blog and make sure to follow us for the newest updates.  We are also on Facebook and would love for you to find us over there also.  I look forward to seeing you on both sites!

Happy Washing!