Monday Pictures

It’s Monday and I know sometimes we need a little something more to get us out of bed or a smile on our faces. (Or more coffee in my case!) To help the soapy-love and give everyone more reasons to hang out online, I got some pictures uploaded this morning on the blog from our past few weeks work. Beware, looking at soap pics can become habit forming 😉

Here’s to everyone surviving their Monday. Hope you enjoy the pictures and stop by to see us out at the CyFair Craft Show on Telge Road next weekend. We will also be out at the Spring Crawfish Festival for both of the last weekends of April. Should be lots of good food, music, and great weather for both places. See you on the website or our Facebook page! Guys only: If you are trying to sign up to be in the last feedback round for our two new men’s scents, please either email me directly at or on the Facebook page. There are limited spots left to join in.

Happy Washing!


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